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Администрация университета Northampton о методике Инновационного Центра


The University of Northampton Business School Boughton Green Road Kingsthorpe Northampton NN2 7AL United Kingdom
23rd November, 2009

To the administration of MATI

I am writing on behalf of Northampton Business School as Postgraduate Programme Manager. In this capacity, I am pleased to give my strong support for the work of the Innovation Experimental Center under the direction of S.N.Kurkov in preparing MATI students for study in the United Kingdom and at the University of Northampton.

My experience of this Centre, its work and its management has been highly positive, leading me to give my wholehearted support to its methods. I am therefore very happy indeed to endorse the fitness of its methods for preparing MATI students to meet the challenges of UK higher education at advanced (masters degree) level. I understand the programme used in the Centre to be unique, allowing students to learn English in a short period of time and to retain and further develop the knowledge that they gain through such study. I am very confident that the preparation experienced by MATI students during their work in the Centre will help them to achieve good academic results during their masters level education in Northampton.

Grahame Fallon Principal Lecturer and Postgraduate Programme Manager Northampton Business School The University of Northampton United Kingdom NN7 2AL
Email: Grahame.fallon@northampton.ac.uk

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